These high school students have Science Po. is the key

Students from four high schools in the Academy’s Priority Education Network (REP) will benefit from specific preparation and reserved places for admission to the Sciences Po Paris. aim ? Democratization of access to higher education.

The formal start of the academic year took place last Thursday at the Sciences Po campus in Poitiers. The renowned Parisian establishment houses 255 students from 31 nationalities, mostly from South America, Spain and Portugal, according to the specialty of the curriculum offered at Poitiers. . 110 young people entered the first year and 13 of them were previously educated at a high school located in the Priority Education Network (REP).

This “social openness and equal opportunity” program was started in 2001 by Science Po. This new academic year was an opportunity to sign new agreements with the four academy establishments. “For a long time, we have seen that students get very good results in the Bac, but the Academy remains the last in France in terms of pursuing higher studies, remarked Rector Benedict Robert. They censor themselves because of the many constraints. Are: lack of confidence, mobility problems or, quite simply, because they don’t have codes.”

a special jury

“What if Science Poe was made for us? This is the question that many students at Branley High School in Chatellerault are now invited to ask themselves. Twelve volunteers agreed to work two to three more hours each week to increase their chances of getting into the big school. They attend specialized workshops. On the menu: Argument, rhetoric, general culture and re-engagement in a state of lethargy. Students also benefit from an immersion session on the Poitevin campus and the support of a student “mentor”. next ? The access process is the same as for all other candidates (personal writing, school record books, oral tests), but the files are “assessed separately by a specific jury, including members from approved high schools”, the school details. In other words, the places are reserved for the most deserving contenders.

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At Branley, the initiative is not new. Here, the partnership with the great school of Paris has lasted for sixteen years. The agreement signed on Thursday opened up new allocation rights from the rectorate to finance teachers’ overtime hours. In sixteen years, sixteen Chatelleraudais candidates have succeeded in integrating the sciences Po at Poitiers or elsewhere. “It doesn’t sound like much, but for a region like ours, it’s a big win,” assures Principal Philippe Palais. The hope we can give them through this conference is the best of all speeches. And who missed? They went for preparation, to some other political study institute or college… Anyway, they understood that they too had the right to continue their studies.

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