These Galaxy S22 features are coming to older Samsung phones

Something to look forward to: If you have an older Galaxy phone and you’ve watched with envy as Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy S22 and its many features, here’s some good news: Many of them are similar to previous generations of handsets and tablets. are coming for

Samsung has just announced that its One UI 4.1 that comes with the Galaxy S22 series will soon be available for a wide range of Galaxy devices via a software update. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 will receive it first, before the update lands on the Galaxy S21, S20, and S10 series, the Note 10+ to the Galaxy Note lineup, the handset unnamed Galaxy A, and all previous foldable models. The phone(s. unnamed Galaxy Tab S7 FE and Tab S tablet) will also be updated.

Those who get One UI 4.1 can take advantage of a number of features, including the Google Duo Live Sharing tool, which allows users to share their screen with others on Google Duo calls, allowing them to browse gallery images, The browser allows screen sharing and collaboration. Simultaneously on Samsung Notes.

Photography enthusiasts should appreciate the specialist RAW photo editing application that can save files in JPG and DNG formats. According to Samsung, it allows users to edit both photos and videos with perfect precision.

Next up is the object eraser that Samsung showcased at its latest Unpacked event. It is basically an easy way to remove unwanted objects from photos, be it people, shadows, reflections etc. All you have to do is draw around the object in question or, in the case of shadows and highlights, press a button.

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Samsung is also introducing a more simplified and streamlined photo sharing experience that alerts users to any flaws in an image and optimizes them automatically. It also allows sending multiple photos, videos and files at once.

Lastly, Samsung has partnered with Grammarly to integrate the latter’s software into its keyboards, helping users create easy, clear messages in addition to highlighting spelling and grammatical errors.

Samsung has never given specific dates on when the rollout will begin, but expect them not to take long to get here.

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