These four athletes want to make their Paralympic dreams come true next year

Next August will be the day: Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Athletes have one more year to get into top shape and qualify.

For Margaret, Reda, Joep and Elke, it would be a dream come true.

‘Wheelchair helped me recover’

Wheeler Margaret van de Broeck and coach Arno Mull

Name: Margaret van de Broeke
Game: Wheeling (wheelchair racing)
Age: 45 years
When to qualify: Can only be done at the last minute. After reaching the deadline, the coach determines which athletes he finds most promising

“I was also at the Games in Rio, but I think the Paralympics in Tokyo are even more important to me. I now really know which distance I like the best, that’s the marathon. I got really late. Found out and I was not. Able to do that in Rio. Now I want to go for it. “

“I was also ill for some time while on my way to Tokyo. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had surgery, underwent chemotherapy. It was disappointing. My condition and strength was completely gone. The dazzle had me Helped to recover. Despite my nausea., I continued to exercise. It made me feel better. I’m getting stronger now. Wouldn’t be nice if I stopped my dream now. I want to go to Tokyo, so Looks like I can turn it off. “

Margaret trains with coach Arno Mull at Papendal. Reporter coached with Roos Oosterbaan, former Paralympic basketball player. “I especially like the speed of the wheel. The faster the better.”

‘We can write history’

Reda house

Rollestolerugbi’r reda haum

Name: Reda Houm
Sports: Wheelchair Rugby
Age: 33 years
When to qualify: During the European Championship from 7 to 14 August in Denmark. Finalists will immediately qualify for the Games

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“Giving space for Tokyo is my biggest dream. That’s what I live for. I win rugby. I do everything for it. Train six days a week, analyze my day’s matches. Netherlands Has never qualified for wheelchair rugby before. ” Make history If we can do that. This will be a real stunt. “

Listen to the interview with Reda and reporter Roos Oosterbaan here. Roos presents him with an impossible choice.

‘I can participate at the highest level. it is unique! ‘

Gunner joe van van lankeveld

Gunner joe van van lankeveld

Name: Joep van Lankveld
Game: Air Rifles
Age: 29 years
When to qualify: World Cup in Sydney in October

“I am the only Paralympic shooter in the Netherlands. It is unique. Shooting has brought a lot to my life already. I have gained more social contacts through sports, I have become physically stronger. And I am at the highest level. Can participate on. I get a lot of satisfaction from shooting. I think my chances of going to Tokyo are high enough. If that works, I’m not already satisfied. I really want to perform there . I don’t do this just to participate. “

“Paralympians shoot better than the Olympics. This is probably the only sport that matters. And women also do better than men. Shooting breaks the pattern”, Jose Rooster says in the interview with Osterbahn. Listen to the full interview here.

‘I work every other day of this day’

Alche Lyle van Achterberg

Fensor Elkel van Ackberg

Name: Elche Lyle van Achterberg
Game: Wheelchair Screen
Age: 19 years
When to qualify: May 2020 after the last official race

“Swordsmanship is the most important thing in my life. Swordsmanship got me out of depression after I was disabled. I fell in love with it right away. Now I do everything for fencing. My goal is to go to the games next year. I work there. Every second of the day. I quit my studies, trained 30 hours a week, flew around the world for competitions. The highest goal for a top athlete is to perform in sports.

Elkay no longer works for the Netherlands, but for Turkey. Listen to the entire interview with Ilke here in which she explains, among other things, why she no longer leaves for the Netherlands.

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