These fish show their personality while swimming

“Bytes de science” is like a collection of stories. Beautiful stories that tell Jeevika in all its freshness. But also in all its complexity. A bracket to perform miracles in the treasures of the world. For this new episode, let’s meet a fish that isn’t exactly like the others: Stickback.

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Stickback is one Small Fish Taboo with stings serving to defend against aggression. Rather effective in protecting against predators. So much so that it was once very common in Europe. The wholeNorthern hemisphere, Without this. But today it has almost disappeared from some of its regions Range. The mistake, perhaps, seems to be with the pollution of the water by researchers endocrine disruptors.

It is not a real commercial interest. But scientists like to study its behavior. And that’s fine today, which brings us to him. Because of biologists and mathematiciansSwansea University and University of Essex (UK) Those who have observed it closely claim that it is possible to reliably measure stickbacks’ personality by focusing only on the way they swim.

What? Animals also the personality The dogsOr cats, again … but fish maybe more than ten centimeters? correct. It seems that personalities are present in all Cash. Although this is not necessarily a question herewisdom. By the term “personality”, biologists actually mean differences in individual behavior that are maintained over time. So we can find all kinds of shy or daring, daring or house-like animals.

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Stickback as a model for other animals?

So back to our stickback. Researchers filmed them as they swam in a Fish house. And he noted the signature, as distinct and unique to each person. The signatures remain the same when simple changes are made to the environment. Like adding an extra plant. So much so that in the end they were only able to identify the fish from the data they collected The movements .

The more adventurous stickbacks, those who seek out the Aquarium the most and venture into open water, for example are the ones who spend the most time in motion. They prefer a direct approach to travel “A lot of”.

It remains to be seen whether these observations can be reproduced in nature and over a longer period. Examine any personality changes that may occur during the life of a stickback or in the event of a sudden change in their environment. Thus, perhaps biologists will soon be able to judge someone’s personality Wild animalsJust based on basic information about how they run. Chance once again shows that animals are… not so stupid.

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