These British students who love Canadian universities

While the UK has long been a favorite destination for Canadian students, in 2019 the flow began to reverse. UK students live by the flexibility of the Canadian university system and the variety of courses on offer.

The numbers are still modest, but the growing interest of British students in Canadian universities is evident. In 2019, 2,500 UK students attended campuses across the country, reports CBC news, Nothing to do with the thousands of Chinese or Indian students enrolling in Canadian universities every year, but it was 10% higher than in 2018 and the trend is increasing, experts assure.

Sophie Boehler, trained at the School of Westminster, one of the best private high schools in London, is currently pursuing dual degree courses in English and History with an option in Arabic in Montreal. she explains :

I wanted to use the university as a springboard to try out many things and that was exactly what I didn’t find possible in British universities. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to try the adventure in another university system. And Canada looked great! ,

The same goes for Harry North, who, after an unsuccessful application to Oxford, decides to enroll at McGill University, where he is preparing for two degrees in economics and computer science at once. “Ironically, I would be happier now at McGill if I had entered Oxford.”

strengths of canadian universities

“Almost ten years ago, Canada was not at all on the radar of British students considering studying abroad”, Acknowledges Anthony Nemesek, educational consultant in the United Kingdom. American universities – especially the most prestigious – are still their first choice today, but major Canadian universities now seem to be competitive. They are particularly attracted by the much lower tuition fees than US universities, the wide variety of courses offered, and the possibility of combining multiple degrees.

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“As the number of Canadian students in the UK increases, we are also seeing an increase in the number of UK students coming to Canada”, Notes Marc LeBlanc, responsible for international relations at the University Canada. The organization “Spokesperson” for Canadian Institutions now aims to balance the flow of students between the two countries.

A purpose that doesn’t seem out of reach of Anthony Nemesek, while American universities have lost a bit of their aura. Because he points out that British students are also sensitive to the relatively low cost of living in some Canadian student cities, the feeling of being able to study safely in Canada and the potential to benefit from the Canadian health system.


CBC News is a division of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC, in French: Société Radio-Canada or SRC) that produces English-language news programs for CBC television as well as radio services.


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