These bees invented a communication network

“Bytes de science” is like a collection of stories. Beautiful stories that tell Jeevika in all its freshness. But also in all its complexity. A bracket to perform miracles in the treasures of the world. For this new episode, let’s just look around and observe one of the most precious pollinators: bees.

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Bees. There are some barbarities. And servants. But, whatever their rank, they occupy a central place in all nature and even in our society. It is said that 35% of our food resources depend 80% on bees. It is nothing. Bees, actually, what are called Pollinating insects. Because they participate in fertilizing flowering plants by transporting grains. Pollen. 500,000 pollen grains per hind foot, it seems!

Unfortunately Bee population – Like them all Worms – are decreasing in recent years. In question, a whole range of behaviors that we can review. Our attraction Agriculture for Monoculture, for example. Because they are not providing enough nutrition for bees. Our way of getting rid of our plantations of plants which is also considered undesirable but has been particularly appreciated by bees. Or excessive use of Pesticides. Both by farmers and individuals. Eventually, Cash Imported bee hives: eg Veroa-A Mite – or very famous Hornet Asian.

The question is important. However, if we have chosen to focus on bees here, it is to discuss them. wisdom. Because bees are not that stupid. This can be gauged by the complexity of their social organization, already. And again, many studies have shown their ability to learn and remember. For example, they know how to connect colour’s And smells for a food reward. Researchers have also assured Bees know how to add !

A lot of intelligence … and a little love too

To go a little further, creatures Today says that by working together and directing herself unconditionally to her queen, bees have developed like a telecommunications network. In olfactory and fracture modes. Researchers discovered it to some extent by accident. They saw bees forming herds. And they saw that during the operation, they tried to put their backyard in.Wind And his wings started flapping.

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In fact, it all starts with the most important figure in the famous queen, the Hive. When the latter leaves Pheromones With the information about the geographically closest bees, their activities ceased immediately. Because nearest Pheromones Are small MoleculesHe cannot travel before going too far. Thus, the bees in the vicinity of the queen heed the message that she wants to reach his court and then undertake to disseminate it further. Always through pheromones. Especially by beating their wings to chase them away.

Don’t you really think about our telecommunication network? We use antennas to amplify and relay information. The bees mobilize themselves to ensure that their queen’s precious messages are conveyed to all the individuals of the herd. So even though many animals are known to accumulate pheromones in their environments, only bees seem able to actively direct them to transmit signals. Not so stupid, bees …

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