These are the results for Brexit’s Premier League

You’ve undoubtedly heard of it: Brexit. But do you also know that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union on Friday 31 January? Good to know, because all kinds of European rules will change for the British. The Premier League also cannot avoid it.

Okay, the rules are not effective immediately. On Friday, the UK will officially leave the European Union at midnight, but then by 31 December there will be a transition phase and everything will remain the same. Good thing too, because there is a lot of discussion among the owners of the British Football Association, Premier League and Government. The plan is to have a plan by April.

It is true that English clubs will be allowed to identify European players under 18 for the last time this summer. It is prohibited worldwide, but is an exception within the European Union. It is therefore expected that Premier League clubs will go on the hunt and offer contracts to anyone of lesser ability. So watch out for Dutch clubs!

But after that, will European players soon have to fix a work permit to be allowed to play in England? If it depends on the Premier League, then no, but the British Football Association thinks otherwise. They see Brexit as an opportunity to improve the growth of English talent and aim to target a maximum of 13 foreign players per club – now it is 17.

Home player
There will be a lot of talk, especially at that point, because the incident of domestic players (foreign boys who already play at the young age of an English club, is seen as ‘English’ after a few years) Pogba) will no longer exist if it is up to FA. We wait and look forward to what we’ll do later!

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