There is nothing special in the relationship between the UK and the US

Johnson has promised a “global Britain”, but for now the only certainty is that he has lost credibility in Europe. And with America? Relationship has never been symmetrical and Aukas shouldn’t be deceived: Biden has little interest

“Global Britain” is the rallying cry of Brexiters. yes it looks and feels great for it An island nation once on top of a vast empire, the world’s largest navy and largest financial center, and that the English language still has immense advantage. Why bother with something trivial like membership of the European Union – only 27 countries – when you can define yourself more broadly by referring to something more appealing: the whole world? But more than five years after the Brexit referendum, British politicians, diplomats, military strategists and public officials are all trying to define what is, in fact, or even vaguely, “global What does “UK” mean?

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