There is nothing above the speed of the second wave: Corona in Egypt: 4 strains … and various characteristics

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There is nothing that rises above the new mutation of the emerging corona virus (Kovid-19) and its terrible pace of spread globally, until everyone in Egypt realizes the real danger, and every The family is around the corner from being infected with the virus, whose vaccines are still taking the first steps, including the Chinese vaccine, which the Ministry of Health has previously set several conditions and categories to take. Interestingly, temperature, which was one of the most important indicators of infection with the virus, is no longer a basic symptom, and is replaced by extreme fatigue and weakness, in addition to respiratory symptoms.

Cairo El-Ani, professor at Cairo University and head of the chest department, Drs. According to Ayman al-Saeed Salem, the currently emerging corona virus (Kovid-19) contains 4 strains in Egypt, and the size of the virus controls the severity and difficulty of symptoms arising from infection, suggesting that the corona virus family . It consists of about 7 sisters, the last of which is “Kovid-19”, which closely resembles the symptoms of influenza.

Salem called “your health in the world”: “In relation to the symptoms of infection in the second wave of the corona epidemic, there are changes in mood, with severe fatigue and weakness, according to the recommendations of the injured and the World Health Organization, and they are called respiration. Symptoms must accompany the patient to diagnose that he or she is infected with the virus. Insisting that the injury often does not occur with the insomnia problem, on the contrary, a patient with Kovid-19 often relieves their need for sleep. Increases, as a result of extreme exhaustion he suffers from injury ». And« infection may not occur with an increase in temperature, as was common in the first wave, as confirmed cases of the virus were detected and their temperature. Did not increase.

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Salem emphasized that adequate rest, fluids, and sleep are factors that help enhance the body’s immunity, suggesting that blood plasma, antibodies, as well as a focus on treating the virus through anti-inflammatory drugs has been done.

And he warned of the laxity and lack of attention to medical instructions to stop the virus, so that Egyptians do not enter and a human catastrophe occurs, saying that respiratory viruses are expected to increase infection, regardless With Corona virus or others in the winter season, as these viruses are active in the cold time.

Dr. Ayman al-Saeed Salem reported that the Chinese vaccine has been proven to be 86% effective at preventing the corona virus, as it relies on traditional techniques known for more than 90 years, denying that the vaccine causes inflammation The formation, and swelling of the place where the vaccine was obtained, is common in cases of various vaccinations. Another symptom of high temperatures, often due to the entry of a new vaccine, is a local reaction for a day.

He stressed that there is no objection to vaccinating people with chronic diseases (pressure, diabetes, asthma, and allergies) with the Chinese vaccine, which are groups that are at increased risk of symptoms of corona virus, but if their If you have acute diseases such as sudden asthma crisis, then they should first wait for its end, and those who are already infected with the virus. Because their bodies have produced antibodies, they have been exposed to what is known as “controlled infections” inside the body, suggesting that those taking the vaccine should not have high temperatures.

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Salem reported that so far, no major defects of the corona vaccine have been detected at short time levels, particularly during the course of 3 months of scientific research, indicating that it may be due to corona The global percentage of deaths is between 2 and 5%, and global expectations indicate that the virus will be eliminated. 60% of the world’s population is on the vaccine or people who are infected with it, and they are already cured, because antibodies to the virus are produced in their bodies, known as “herd immunity”, and they again have Immunity occurs, and is therefore the goal of the world’s population by vaccinating them. Those most susceptible to infection, such as the elderly, and medical workers, and those who have previously been infected and recovered from the virus are excluded.

The professor of chest diseases explained that, coinciding with winter admissions, there are similarities in symptoms of corona virus and seasonal influenza, but the latter is an acute viral infection caused by one of the influenza viruses, and its onset A runny nose is accompanied by a cold or blockage and can cause frequent sneezing and a sore throat. Normal in the body, such as: a high temperature that can reach 38 degrees Celsius, and it can also occur with cracks and general fatigue in the body, and we note that “cough” is not necessary in influenza infection, and It appears after symptoms of nose and throat, while emerging corona viruses target cells. Lungs, not upper respiratory tract.

Dr. Ayman al-Saeed Salem indicated that the Scientific Committee to deal with the corona virus recently updated the treatment protocol for the fourth time, and this is a result of understanding the behavior of the virus, as many changes have occurred from the old protocol, Because new drugs are included after the results of global and local studies in the past. And it includes a change in treatment method in addition to the definition and classification of infected cases, and it also guarantees the speed of treatment reaching 7 to 10 days, stating that the treatment protocol for people with corona in Egypt includes anti -Virus, anti-malaria and antibiotics are included, as well as medicines to enhance immunity. And, the treatment protocol varies from one patient to another according to the severity of the infection, indicating that treatment of cold symptoms with Kovid, Digestant tablets and analgesics is always recommended for Kovid-19, combating the virus New treatment protocols established by the scientific committee to follow are followed.

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Salem assured the Egyptians that the new strain of corona discovered in Britain had not yet reached Egypt.

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