“There is no discounted diploma, these students are eligible”

Each time the image is impressive: hundreds of students waiting in front of food distribution centers and deputy rector for higher education, Philippe Dalbecko, admits that “this is worrying”. It is also for this reason that he comes to present an aid scheme for students and he insists on a panel of aid that already exists that supports those immersed in uncertainty due to the crisis: ” We have offered them a lot of assistance from the beginning: 10 million euros issued, food for one euro, specific assistance. Today we can say that the situation is under control, I am not saying it is the norm “.

The main problem is that some students are informed about the bad AIDS that is offered and available to them. The Rector Representative for Higher Education emphasizes the need to commission the chorus (Regional Center for University School Works) of each university. He promises that on the site “One device listing all devices will be available”.

“This generation of students is worthy”

The second difficulty is that students face Distance Course Management. A small portion were able to resume the face-to-face lesson, but most still follow the lesson at home or with their parents. When will we be back to normal? this is Go back to school in september And it has not been mentioned before. He said that the Rectors want to emphasize that the students will not be sacrificed, their diplomas will not be evaluated because of this crisis, on the contrary, he said.

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Degree at a discount? This is wrong ! We have students who have completed their studies in exceptional circumstances. A student who has successfully completed his / her studies will be a real asset. They are worthy – Philippe Dalbecko

The Restos du Corré is hosting a large food distribution at the Velodrome Stadium this Friday 26 March.

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