There is no 3G for the UK anymore. ,

Operator 3 UK has just announced its intention to cut its 3G network UK By the end of 2024 at the latest. Deciding to boost your 4G and 5G networks.

If at present almost all of us surf with 4G on our smartphones, then 3G network Still regularly requested and used by operators. However, 3G seems to be disappearing now.

3 for the UK and 3G by 2024.

The British operator announced that it intends to “disappear” its 3G network from English airwaves by the end of 2024. A network that was established in March 2003. A choice linked to customer demand and usage. Thus, the British operator points out that over the past year, the use of 5G by its customers has increased by more than 300%. Especially over 3G requests.

A choice that is specifically linked to a variety of factors. Thus, the operator emphasizes that the number of customers investing in 4G/5G mobile phones is becoming increasingly important and now, customers using 3G are becoming less and less.

Hence the telecom operator decides that it is time to move ahead by investing more in 4G and 5G. Thus reducing the cost of maintenance and upkeep of its antennas and its 3G network. In addition, 5G should become a major player in the field of “smart cities” and also in the automotive sector.

The operator therefore believes that it is therefore wise to invest its resources in the consolidation of its current 4G/5G network and 5G deployments in the future.

It must be said that currently various European operators and their states are somewhat behind in terms of deployment of their 5G networks. Some countries are still on time to auction 5G licenses. Whereas in China and other Asian countries, 5G is indeed present and effective.

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