There is a revolution between TV and Amazon

Football travels quickly to another dimension in the living room, even as the battle over the allocation of TV rights for Serie A ends. Broadcasters, season tickets and new technologies complicate life for the most popular sports fan with a change. He is already around the corner. From September, to enjoy the most prestigious competition on the couch, namely the Champions League, at least two different “sources” will be required: the satellite system on one side or, alternatively, the digital terrestrial, on the other hand an overperformance. Internet connection. In fact, 137 Champions League matches of the 2021/2022 season, which become 411, given a three-year period by 2024, will not all appear thanks to the same broadcaster, but 121 will be broadcast by Sky (on satellite ) Or digital terrestrial or streaming on Amazon) and 16 from Amazon, the latest operators arrived on the bus that will show their matches on Wednesday evening in streaming and full exclusivity. And there is also Mediaset for the big-eared cup on the field, with 121 games lined up, of which 17 are clear (16 final on Tuesday evening) and 104 will be broadcast on a streaming platform and which will take place in the next week. Was unveiled.

Always in the European Cup, Sky also has the Europa League and Europa Conference League, with a total of 282 games per season and now also available in streaming. With a little (likely) news related to the Europa League: Dajan will be fully interested in acquiring streaming rights to the second Continental competition, just as much to overtake Discovery and Mediset.

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