There is a possibility of reading ‘zero effect’ in reducing the familiarity of the six rules and curfews

Similarly, one in eight people (13 per cent) are likely to have 50 people at Somerset with a Comer-19 positive person, and nine out of ten in Liverpool (৮ 86 per cent) are at risk.

Originally designed to show the dangers of large gatherings during the U.S. football season, this model has been expanded to show the risks of event sizes in the United Kingdom, Italy and Switzerland.

Joshua Weisz, a professor of biological sciences and physics at Georgia Tech who helped create the map, said it could be used by individuals to decide whether they want to see a local pub or restaurant, or for policymakers to impose more local lockdowns.

“If you knew there was one of the four opportunities … that pub or restaurant or someone in the collection had Covid-19 … I hope someone’s behavior would change,” he said.

He added that low-risk areas should not be assumed to have “cart blanks” for meeting in very large groups without wearing a mask.

“It’s just to facilitate further spread,” he added.

“However, it implies that there is a risk of large-scale congestion depending on the region (because) a lot of infections are ongoing and reflect different variations.”

Scientists used data from local authorities in Public Health England (PHE).

Elsewhere, the risk of someone encountering Covid-19 in a 50-person event at Blackburn with Darwin is almost four times higher than that of Bromley (85 percent compared to 4 percent).

However, during a 50-person gathering in County Durham, the chances of contracting the virus were 50 percent higher than those of Safalak (18 percent compared to 67 percent).

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In Lancashire, the risk of a Covid-19 positive person attending a 25-person event is more than double that of neighboring North Yorkshire, compared to 47 percent for 20 percent.

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