“There are still some cases in Italy, but this is worrying because the vaccine is a “bug””

Delta variant or, as mentioned earlier, Indian variant and vaccine resistance: New criteria are needed for analysis of swabs with high viral load to identify it. Appeal to change the criteria of Kovid-19 screening at the earliest comes from the virologist Francesco Broccoloof the University of Milano Bicocca. “At the moment we do not have an accurate picture of the prevalence of this variant, which occurs in Great Britain, where a national program for sequencing is active,” the virologist told Ansa.

The current procedure involves swabbing and, if positive and with a high viral load, a second test is performed, which is specifically designed to verify the presence of the alpha variant, that is, the English version according to the old terminology. “This was fine months ago, when it was an exception to find the alpha version, but today – observes Broccolo – the alpha version is present in 95% of positive swabs”. In other words, “alpha is now the new basic virus”, which replaced the version of the SarsCoV2 virus that was most widespread until a few months ago. With this in mind, in addition to the delta variant, beta (formerly South Africans) and gamma (formerly Brazilians) also “avoid the vaccine after the first dose and in some cases after the second”.

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And it is precisely the delta version of Sars-CoV-2 that is causing the number of infections in the United Kingdom to skyrocket again, “worrying, even for the outbreak in Milan where a vaccine was administered. “. State University of Milan professor says this to virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco Adancronos Salute. In fact, the potential of the Bukhara variant is causing more fear on the part of the vaccine. “From English assessments, there is still disease protection of 80% after the first dose and 95% after the second – explains Pregliasco – so it is important to both dose and do it quickly”. However, the delta version “perforates the vaccine a bit, so coexistence with severe cases is still a bit overwhelming,” he emphasized. The delta version of the pandemic coronavirus is already circulating in Italy. “The figure so far is low, but perhaps it is an underestimate”, warns Preglisko: “now we must be more careful”. The risk, “as I said from the beginning – remember them – is that there will be an increase in infections in the autumn, a blow from the tail of the virus”. As for a possible ban on travel for those from England envisaged by Prime Minister Draghi, “it will be important – he says – to also reiterate that by freeing this all-white territory we should not lower our guard”.

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