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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine changed everything. Called recently to give up fossil resources to save a suffocating planet, Africa is now in a hurry to open its soil to more drilling. A fluctuating face that presents a commercial attraction and hides another strategic error for Africa: energy raw materials with a destructive environment have had little impact on development; And to return to destructive antiquity, when the revolutionary potential is confirmed, is utterly insane.

hydrogen superpower

Africa has 40% of the world’s solar capacity, the largest share of sunlight in the world. And yet, more than half of its residents still do not have access to electricity, and its population is one that suffers from the most harmful energy pollution in the world.

Its vast photovoltaic field is a major asset for power needs and climate purposes. In this regard, many countries have resorted to it. South Africa, the first to be launched, represents the most important park in operation. Morocco inaugurated its Noor Ouarzat power plant in 2016, and in Egypt, a park was created in 2019. Kenya, Ghana, Togo, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Zambia and Namibia have installed solar park kilometers in recent years, and East Africa and West Africa are experiencing success in solar power as well way different, With solar kit.

Africa also benefits from a very beneficial natural environment for hydroelectric power, wind power and biomass.

Africa also has the potential to be a superpower of hydrogen, a carbon-free energy resource that provides a clean fuel. There are many countries on the continent that have suitable natural conditions and competitive advantages. Namibia has started a project whose production will start in 2026. As for Egypt, it signed two agreements this year with Norway and the German company Siemens to develop the production of hydrogen. In addition to other clean energies, Africa also benefits from a very beneficial natural environment for hydroelectric power, wind power and biomass.

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ridicule figures

The enthusiasm for renewable energy has never been so confident between climate ambitions and energy demand. Africa’s geographically strategic location, close to all major global shipping lanes, gives it access to global markets for hydrogen exports.

The continent is still in demand for its fossil fuels. Funding continues to boost brakes on sustainable development

North Africa’s proximity to Europe allows Morocco to soon send solar power to the United Kingdom by the world’s longest submarine cable. The bad news is that the African continent, as we can see, remains in demand for its fossil fuels. Funds continue to flow, removing barriers to sustainable development. Furthermore, if solar deployment is ultimately a reality, the figures are ridiculous. While it concentrates most of the planet’s solar resources and may play a leading role in the global production of green hydrogen, Africa has only 1% of the world’s existing solar panels and represents less than 1% of world production. .

Everything remains to be done and huge efforts deserve to be made immediately. Africa will face challenges – which are clearly well suited to it – by resisting the temptation of facilitating destructive fossil fuels, harnessing its green energy resources in a big way.

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