There are about 250,000 stray cats on UK roads

According to a study published in Scientific Reports, among feral, lost or abandoned cats, the number of stray cats in urban areas in the UK is 247,429. Areas with higher population densities are those where there are more cats without a master. Researchers from the University of Bristol’s School of Bristol Veterinary Medicine, Jenny McDonald and Elizabeth Skillings, analyzed data from 3,101 resident surveys in five towns and cities in England: Beeston, Bradford, Bulwell, Dunstable and Houghton Regis and Everton, including 2016 and 2018. Are included.

The authors analyzed the results of 877 resident reports and 601 evaluations. Two predictors of the increased presence of stray cats are poverty and population density. Results show that there are an average of 9.3 unowned cats per km2 in the UK, but the number varies between 1.9 and 57 cats per km2 depending on location.

The authors suggest that there are more cats in areas with higher human population densities and this may be due to the presence of more cats owned by pets that may breed accidental litters, be abandoned or moved away from home. . According to the authors, non-owned cats in areas with high human population densities may also be responsible for the high presence of food waste.

The authors caution that their study is based on data estimates and that many factors can affect populations in each region, but suggest that the model provides an overview of stray cat densities in the UK and that interventions are needed to manage these. can help in.population.

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