Therapy was needed after the horrific nightmare of Steve McGovern losing his baby

Therapy was needed after the horrific nightmare of Steve McGovern losing his baby

Steve McGover spoke of the horrors he had suffered in his well-to-do night, which focused on the loss of his child.

The 36-year-old BBC Breakfast presenter revealed that she needed therapy to overcome the nightmares she had endured for years before becoming a mother.

Steve gave birth to a baby girl last November but has been fearful of losing her ever since the nightmare that terrified her.

As he prepares to launch his new day’s live show Steff’s Packed Lunch, he hopes it could help others with similar consequences.

Steve McGovern has spoken of his nightmares

Speaking to The Sun, Steve said: “I never really feel stressed, but the way it manifests in me is at night.

“I have crazy dreams and horrible night terrors.

“When I was younger, I was worried about school supplies. I go out the door once and actually go to school – to sleep, in my uniform – at two in the morning. “

Steve said that in his adult years, nightmares probably become more real

He added: “As I got older, they became more pronounced. And since I was a kid, I would wake up regularly and think I had lost him.”

Steve McGovern is launching Steff’s packed lunch on Channel 4

Steve said nightmares consist of the thought that he has “dropped” or “lost” his child.

It got so bad that Steff’s partner told him “sc looking for the baby in the basement or in the cupboard”

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He said it was “really scary” what his brain was trying to do while sleeping.

Steff admits that “lately nightmares haven’t been able to do my job.”

Describing a recent incident at his home, Steve said he dreamed that he “lived in the studio and someone was exposing himself in front of me and pushing himself naked against the glass. It was horrible.”

Steve McGovern has fallen into several nightmares

He said that Steve “jumped out of bed and ran towards the wall and shouted,” This obscene exposure! I could have arrested you for it! “

Steep sought advice after this episode and when he said he wasn’t “healing”, it provided a way to deal with his nightmares.

He said there is a new bedtime routine to help and Steve revealed: “Now everything revolves around the baby.

“Thinking is not logical – it is completely illogical. But that’s something I helped. “

She said the doctor helped her find out that “everything you do with her going to bed at night is about your peace of mind when you sleep”.

Before going to bed there is no longer any “looking at your phone, reading scary stories or watching the news”

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