Theory of Evolution: Between Science, Belief and Ignorance. ecology

It took place on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, at the Café Café des Arts. The recording will be available here soon. Estimated documents are available in the left column, at the bottom of the page.

Proposed by Charles Darwin in 1859, the theory of evolution sets out the biological laws that guide the evolution of living species and explain the extreme diversity and diversity of the living world.

Thanks to the development of knowledge and techniques (microbiology, X-rays, DNA, computer science, nanotechnology, etc.), this scientific theory has undergone adjustments and refinements. The central principle of the evolution of living beings, based on natural and reproductive selection of new characters that appear after the mutation of the genome, has remained unchanged and is the subject of wide agreement among scientists.

Often associated only with the false notions of “law of the fittest” or “social Darwinism”, the fact that the theory of evolution, despite this broad consensus, is nowadays the object of many attacks, sometimes even outright rejection. While many protests find their source in the religious realm, others are due to the biological complexity of development and a lack of public information. Thus the theory of evolution is absent from school programs in some countries and its teaching is sometimes difficult, including France.

Why and how did the theory of evolution develop? Why does it create reluctance and opposition? How can we improve his education?

We invite you to come and discuss it with our speakers:

  • Laurence DespresProfessor, Specialist in Evolutionary Biology

  • Joseph FragolaTeacher in Life and Earth Sciences (SVT) in High School

  • Richard MonvoisinEducator-researcher, expert in jetetics and critical thinking

mediator : Emmanuel Borot, CSCAG

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