The world’s most popular filming locations clearly revealed

It’s quite glamorous to see a Hollywood blockbuster in a place you know. From there you can hit the road and pretend they are James Bond, Holly Golightly or Iron Man. very cute huh?

But which are the most popular filming locations? Well, Gigster (a company that has, appropriately, books filming locations for movies) races through the numbers to find out. By adding up the number of blockbusters shot at certain locations, the firm has compiled a ranking of the most used movie sets in the world.

tops the list Central Park In New York, which, when you really think about it, seems like a no-brainer. of the Avengers Yes home alone 2 One breakfast at Tiffany’s Yes when harry met sellyCentral Park is vast and adaptable. It’s equally well suited as a haunted bird lady’s haunt, a ridiculously romantic meeting point, or even a arena for a superhero showdown. Over the years, Gigster estimates that Central Park has been seen in 352 movies.

In distant seconds the following is bronson canyon Just outside Los Angeles. Barren, rocky and mysterious, Bronson Canyon has proven to be a fitting setting for sci-fi movies and Western movies. Gigster has 236 movies that have used careers over the years, from body thieves attack Yes Star Trek VI for the classic cowboy lone ranger, It certainly helps that such a beautiful place is far from Hollywood. Yes !

The third was another location in California, Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Parkwhich seems so strange that it has been used in many movies star trek Movies and TV Shows. It is a fairly dry and unforgiving landscape; In other words, the perfect place to film people who like holelive action Flint and Tim Burton planet of the Apes,

What about other movie sets outside the United States? nice canada Niagara Falls Appeared in apparently 143 films (Pirates of the Caribbean, Superman II and of course, Niagarato name a few), while London Trafalgar Square Appeared in 104 films from wonder woman Yes fell from the sky One 101 Dalmatians, (Tom Cruise even landed a helicopter there.)

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is also in the top ten Cape of Gatas In Spain, a national park known for its picturesque dusty deserts and used for films such as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the good, the bad and the ugly Yes Lawrence of Arabia,

Gigster also ranked the countries most visible in movies. Unsurprisingly, the US easily leads the survey with 1,123 films, followed by the UK (187) and Canada (143).

Looking at these numbers, you may also be wondering: Are they a little low…? And indeed they are. Given that Hollywood alone typically produces between 600 and 800 new films each year, the project clearly had a fairly limited sample size.

Either way, you can check out Gigster’s studio for yourself. Here.

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