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As the variant spreads, many countries, especially in Europe, have imposed new, sometimes harsh, restrictions to stem the surge in cases ahead of Christmas.

With the holidays just days away, the Omicron version is spreading at a rapid pace, fueling anxiety and restrictions around the world. The United Kingdom, which has reported a record number of positive cases for several days, is still the epicenter of the new strain, first identified in South Africa in early November, and which has been added to the delta version. On Sunday, London announced that it had detected more than 12,000 additional cases of Omicron in twenty-four hours, for a total of 37,000, confirming its high infectivity. The British health secretary does not rule out new restrictions before Christmas, recommended by the Scientific Council, which estimates the number of cases to hit the two million per day mark by the end of December, if nothing is done quickly. can reach. What seriously disrupts the economy and health services. A report published on Saturday already indicates that in a span of four days, the number of health workers absent due to Covid in London’s public hospitals doubled.

control in the Netherlands

The European Commission estimates that in an effort to halt Omicron’s meteoric rise, hasty announcements of new sanctions have multiplied throughout the weekend, particularly in Europe, where the new version could take effect by mid-January. In Ireland, where it is already under major tension according to officials, the prime minister, Michael Martin, announced an 8 p.m. curfew for pubs and restaurants from Sunday until 30 January.

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One of the most brilliant screwdrivers came from the Netherlands, where Prime Minister Mark Root, confirmed earlier in the week for a fourth term, announced on Saturday evening that the country, “Caution” had to “Return to Detention”. Yet it will be more flexible than those introduced two years ago in other countries, including France, as the Dutch are allowed to leave their homes without reason. On the other hand, with confinement all non-essential shops, restaurants, bars, cinemas or museums have been closed for about a month, and with the exception of Christmas, there is a ban on inviting more than two people to their home. has given. And the new year, when the gauge is raised to four. Schools will remain closed till at least January 9. A little further north, Denmark also closed on Sundays and, for a month, its theatres, cinemas, museums, concert halls and amusement parks.

Elocution Day Joe Biden

Alongside these measures are increasing restrictions on movement within countries. Just hours after a call to this effect launched by German territories, Berlin announced a tightening of entry rules into the country, and classified the United Kingdom as one of the countries most at risk. Thus, from midnight on Sunday, only German citizens or foreigners residing in the country are allowed to travel from Great Britain to Germany. Travelers, including those who have been vaccinated, will also have to submit a negative PCR test and submit to a two-week quarantine upon arrival, which will deter even the most motivated. On Sunday, the panel of experts advising the German government called for further cuts “as soon as possible”, without further details. “If the spread of the Omicron variant in Germany continued in this way, a significant portion of the population would simultaneously fall ill and/or be isolated”, they worry in their report, pointing to a significant risk of disruption in the functioning of “critical infrastructure” – Hospitals, security, emergency services, telecommunications, electricity and water supply.

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The panic spread far beyond the borders of Europe. Israel on Sunday banned its citizens from visiting the United Kingdom, France or Spain, as well as several European countries, including the United Arab Emirates, following similar measures already targeting almost the entire African continent. On the recommendation of the Department of Health, the United States may also be added to this red list, albeit with hundreds of thousands of binational people. Across the Atlantic, indicators are rising, with nearly 130,000 cases and 1,300 daily deaths. By itself, New York state on Saturday announced nearly 22,000 infections in 24 hours, a record. There are increasing instances of restaurant and bar closures and Broadway shows cancellations due to positive cases among employees and performers. The White House said Joe Biden will speak to Americans Tuesday to provide an update on the spread of Omicron and the importance of vaccination.

Updates : Updated at 8:22 pm on Sunday with reports from experts advising the German government.

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