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BerlinOn a mild late summer evening, hanging out in the meadow with mugs and listening to your favorite band—there were times when you could have the thrill of a lifetime: 25 years ago, five boys at Oasis spent a quarter of their total In two days a million young people lured all of Europe into Knebworth Park in Hertfordshire. It was the largest open air concert ever held in Great Britain up to that time.

But above all, as the wonderful concert “Oasis Knebworth 1996” makes clear, it was the last era-making pop phenomenon before smartphones and social media ruined everything. A cell phone is not shown in this movie. Uniting under the defiant twang of Noel Gallagher’s Gibson Les Paul and Liam Gallagher’s Reckless Swagger, fans, the band and the song share a sacred moment together: “I need to be myself, I can’t be anyone else, I’m supersonic. Feeling up, give me a gin and tonic.” To capture this moment would mean to lose it, to share this moment would mean to defile it.

We were young, we were in love, it was the best of times!

But as it is, it stays with those who are there: “It was a moment in history, you had to be there,” says one of the dozens of fans whom the filmmakers pulled out of the crowd and reunited 25 years later. met with. Be there, celebrate now, feel the community – “Maybe you’re just like me, we see things they’ll never see”, as it is said in “Live Forever”, the favorite song of all Oasis fans: That’s it. Hai Pop was what it was all about, and it was what it was again and in a great way. We were young, we were in love, it was the best of times!

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Incidentally, it would be difficult not to get carried away by the sequence of hymns for the ages: “Equises”, “Round our Way”, “The Masterplan”. Fans sing with every word, and when Gallagher isn’t singing, they keep on singing.

All those B-sides, by the way – does anyone under the age of 20 really still know what that is? -, and Oasis had the best of all B-sides. Before YouTube and Spotify, this was the case with favorite bands: every single purchase was a statement, every B-side was an argument – and every concert was a moment that belonged to you, and the rest of the world could take you!

Oasis – Nebworth 1996, documentary, 110 mins, in the cinema

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