The woman backtracked on her choice of lunchbox, accusing him of ‘killing her husband’

A woman has been praised for hitting back on online critics who said the food she ate for her was “slowly killing her husband”.

She shared a photo of the food container on social media, explaining that her husband often works away from home and struggles to find better alternatives to lunch on the street.

To overcome the problem, he created a stack of pre-packed lunchboxes to take with him, including pieces of cheese, cold meat, fruit, crackers and a bag of malts.

He wrote on Facebook: “It’s great to have him ready to eat breakfast boxes when he goes to the prep container of this food.

“These come with ids and have a great seal.”

One said the lunchboxes were ‘full due to a heart attack’

The post comes under some criticism because one person said: “Very good idea but I think a few of those foods should be reconsidered. There are plenty of carcinogenic and heart attacks.”

The second wrote: “In a great pot … but killing your husband with that snack.”

Another commented: “Your husband is being killed 1 dal stick at a time.”

But the woman quickly retorted: “No I don’t want your dietitian’s advice, of course it can be healthy but I have to pack what she actually eats.

“So many judges are barbarians, you should be ashamed of yourself! Cool your breast milk, coconut oil, sesame seeds, chia, activated almond cocktail and f chill, the Kidney Spot report said.

And people liked her response, as one would argue: “I’ll probably do a very similar pack for my husband. What I think is beautiful is that he loves her enough to do it.”

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Another wrote: “Someone always has something to say …. the pot is ace the other team people …. a ** hole.”

Someone else joked: “Can you pack my lunch too, please?”

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