‘The Witcher’ season 2 has iconic villains

The Witcher shows a very cool villain on a bunch of images from the film set.

The second season of The Witcher is coming slowly. After a whole series of failures, production is still happening.

Now that the recording is in full swing, and some artists are finished as well, photos of the new set are slowly leaking. Today from the shooting location Souton Beach in Devon, UK. Pictures of the new set reveal that some very bad people are making their debut.

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According to the site Radian Intelligence, Wild Hunt can be seen in this new season. At least: They can be seen on photos of the set, it seems. You can watch the games around the franchise, in particular Practice 3.

Below you can see the cool photo:

Radanian Intelligence was able to confirm to its own sources that it is indeed about the Wild Hunt. We see them on their well-known All-Black Armor, whimsical weapons and the skeletal horses on which they sit.

The scenes were shot in an intimate setting, meaning Wild Hunt may not have a lead role in the season.

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