The Witcher: Henry Cavill Bless Army Forces

While he thought Henry Cavill was injured on the set of season 2 To jamStar of Justice League Confirms the recovery.

Taking a few minutes of his 1-year-old jog for the post on Instagram, Jack Snyder is the man of steel DCEU Confirmed that he was injured late last year. Since then, filming of the Netflix series continued without him.

“We’re in lockdown here in the UK, so I’m using my daily outdoor exercise to do my first jog since my hamstring injury! (One more time on this topic),” explains! Actor. “It was not quick, and it was certainly long, but it was a major step in my recovery, and my first step in getting back into the shower after Christmas which might include more than a few cups. Dull wine, And an extraordinary fatty turkey. “

Very few people know about the plans for season 2 To jamExcept that the main screenwriter, Lauren Schmidt Hisrich, has already explained that the scenarios will be more linear. We also know that Geralt (Cavill), Yanfer (Anya Shalotra) and Giri (Freya Allen) will meet for a long-awaited meeting.

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