The Witcher 2 is already in post-production

Second season of To jam Keeps the fans spellbound. It’s been more than a year since it was confirmed that Rivia’s Geralt would return to Netflix, but there are still no new chapters available that are any longer to watch than the next episode filmed a month earlier Is available for

After confirmation of the upgrade for the new version, which also stars Henry Cavill, To jam All kinds of ups and downs were encountered. Beyond the coronavirus epidemic, which delayed all of Netflix’s production schedules, the lead actor was also hurt during the shooting of the film, which prevented him from returning to the set for a few months.

So much so that, without Rivia’s Geralt to tell the story of the series, the producers saw, once again, eclipsed their desire to make new seasons in early 2021. Testing positive for COVID 19 and very strict sanctions by the UK have also created a problem.

However, when the official network of To jam With a back-the-scene video announcing the end of filming, fans were expecting again. Once the audiovisual finishes, Netflix announces that the series goes no further than this 2021.

The official release date is still unknown, but one thing is certain: it is getting closer and closer to the stage. And, a few hours earlier, it was fictional shoner Lauren S. Hisrich, who confirmed it. ” Moved back to London. Back (small dark and noisy rooms) where it takes place. That’s right, we’re immersed in post-production To jam 2 and i’m fucking hornyHe wrote via Twitter.

So much so that after 158 days of filming, three different instrument units, 89 supporting actors, COVID, Hurt and Ban, Geralt, Carrie and Yenifer’s new acts are getting closer and closer. And, on this occasion, the second season promises to offer new battles, new challenges and fully develop the story, that of the young serie.

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