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Two million unique visitors. 200,000 free followers and 15,000 paid subscribers: After five years of existence, the site is now very well referenced on search engines. The combined success of two concerned cousins: Luis Morin (53 years), Conarnois and Ludovic Hibon (37 years), and their eleven employees who now drink whey. “We are about to sign a fund raising of 1.8 million euros for the valuation of the company at five million euros”, said Loicesc Morin, who knows that the hard part is done and the best is yet to come.

Fishing, the second most popular sport in France

It all started with the first observation: “fishermen are ultra-consumers”, and many (6% of the population). The French Sport Fishing Federation (FFPS) has 1.2 million licensees, making it the second sports federation after FIFA (1.8 million) and far ahead of tennis, rugby and fencing. Then a second observation: “I went fishing, in Hende, with friends, Ludovic Hibon says, and, upon returning, I wanted to learn about various things related to fishing and I only came across specialist sites, Where I did not understand anything ”.

Practical information, user-friendliness, security

The idea of ​​a pioneer site for the practical knowledge of recreational fishing was born. Fishing locations, fishability index for sale, carpooling or boats are among the information available on the site. “We tell you where the fish are, when is the best time to go and when the Fishable Index was developed with Okolay Polytechnic, Ludovic Hibon and potentially with whom”. Thursday, Christophe and Galvain met for bass fishing through the site. “Of course, this allows the cost of fuel to accumulate, but above all it is much safer,” Christoph assured. At sea, you do not know what can happen and it is more user friendly ”.

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International development

The objective is clear: to mimic the model internationally. The English version of the site “Fishing the Spot” is already available in twelve countries: the United States, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and even South Africa. “We want to be booking agents for fishing,” warned Lo, c Morin, who wants to open the site in 60 countries within five years.

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