The war on vaccines is now a struggle between the European Union and Britain

It’s in Close negotiations are underway between the European Union and AstraZeneca to prevent damage related to vaccine supply cuts. But the solution is still a long way off and the game is also opening up a diplomatic confrontation between the European Union and the UK, the first era after Brexit.

Today there will be a new meeting between the representatives of the company and EU governments. AstraZeneca announced a 60% reduction in agreed doses in February and March, from 80 million to 31 million due to problems in Belgium and one plant. To meet European requests, the company said it was ready to bring forward the start of delivery on 7 February instead of 15. ” But the EU Commission is not enough: negotiators have called for the removal of part of the vaccines produced in the United Kingdom. As far as Europe United, they are effectively distanced from the British. A request that did not go down at all for Prime Minister Boris Johnson was already sparked by Brussels’ proposal that it wants to “control” the export of supplements. “I hope our European friends – Johnson said – honor the contract”.

The Commission suspects that AstraZeneca has made cuts for European Union countries to prioritize Britain. For this reason, on Monday he announced that he would ask all companies producing vaccines in Europe to report doses sold outside the European Union. However, he specified that this does not mean banning exports. German Health Minister Jens Spann went a little further, raising the possibility of “authorizing” exports through a license. “The British nationalist vaccination path is wrong,” his British colleague Matt Hankook quickly responded.

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However, Brussels wants an alternative solution by the end of this week and the Latvian government has proposed a class action. But AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot dismissed the allegations: «There is no obligation to the European Union – he said in an interview with the newspapers of the” Lina “group -. In our contract it states that “we will do our best” (to guarantee delivery, ed). It is not a contractual obligation, but a commitment to do our best ». And he justified the latest options by saying that a contract with the UK was signed earlier. In all likelihood, the EMA’s green light for the AstraZeneca vaccine will arrive on Friday. The agency’s executive director Emer Cook also hinted at this during a hearing in the European Parliament. Although in all likelihood the authorization will only be for people under 65: British experts assure that the vaccine is effective for all age groups, but the EMA filters out little doubt, given that they do some tests on the elderly Were done. The potential “limited” go-ahead has already sparked much controversy in Germany, where, among other things, Angela Merkel’s government is set to cancel almost all flights in the country.

The EMA has so far approved only two vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna), but is in contact with 15 different pharmaceutical companies. They also include Sputnik. Cook confirmed that at the moment it is not possible to say whether vaccines also protect against contagion, as well as disease, as specific tests have not been conducted. But he invitedManufacturers will have to investigate this effect. An invitation from Ema also came in to effectively study the mutation: those produced by Pfizer and Modern have proven to oppose the British version, while for the South African one, “things a bit more according to Cook Are complicated “. Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine Safety Data will be released this week.

The US company has seen an expected boom in delivery, but Sweden has announced that it will withhold payment until all previous doses have been delivered. Ema has given Pfizer its authorization to open new sites in Europe, which will increase production from the second quarter: 100 million doses will be produced by Sanofi.

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