The video of the missing submarine crew’s song ‘Goodbye’ goes viral.

A prayer ceremony was held for the crew of the Indonesian navy submarine KRI Nangla, which sank in the Bali Sea, Indonesia, as the Indonesian military on Sunday officially acknowledged that there was no hope of surviving the submarine is. – Trisnadi / ap / sipa

The Indonesian Navy has released a video of the crew of the KRI Nanggala 402 submarine that sank off the coast of Bali, killing all 53 people. It quickly went viral on Indonesian social networks and with good reason. We see the submarine singing Found up toA popular Indonesian song titled “Goodbye”. The video specifically moved the population, although it was recorded several weeks ago as a farewell message to the previous commander of the Indonesian submarine forces, whose successor took office in early March.

“I’m not ready to miss you”

The late Harry Octavian submarine commander is part of a group gathered around a submarine playing guitar. “I’m not ready to miss you, I’m not ready to leave you,” the band sings. ” I wish you the best “.

One of the five German-built submarines in the Indonesian fleet went off the radar on Wednesday as it was scheduled to participate in exercises from Bali. The Indonesian Armed Forces announced on Sunday that they broke the submersible into three pieces more than 800 meters deep and found that the entire crew was over.

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