The vaccinated people have crossed the French mark

Less than a month after the country’s vaccination campaign began, in France, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced in France that one million people had been vaccinated against coronovirus.

In its national strategy, the French government, reeling under fire from critics, was relying on vaccination of 1 million before the end of January due to the timed start of its vaccine campaign against Kovid-19 compared to neighboring countries.

Health Minister Olivier Vernon indicated on TF1 on Thursday, that the executive intends to vaccinate 70 million people at the end of August, although that is aimed at the availability of vaccines in the country.

On Saturday evening, the Ministry of Health said that 1,008,720 people have now been vaccinated in France, or 45,581 more than Friday.

Despite a strong uptick in the campaign in recent times, after a slow start, France still lags behind its European neighbors.

The French government claims to have pre-ordered approximately 200 million doses of the vaccine against Kovid-19 from various laboratories, but delays in the delivery of the vaccine by the laboratories are of great concern to French health authorities and the deployment of risk Operation is compromising with

In view of the presence of British and South African variants of Kovid-19, the High Health Authority (HAS) on Saturday recommended postponing the second dose of the anti-Kovid vaccine by six weeks to “speed up” the vaccination campaign. .

In a new opinion, HAS “increased the time to six weeks between two doses of the RNA vaccine (Pfizer and Moderna vaccine)” to “protect as many people as possible faster” when hospitalized or died. recommended. On Kovid-19.

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France has been raising high expectations in vaccines to curb the spread of coronovirus, while the specter of a new presence hunts due to the detection of numerous cases of pollution and new mutant strains in the country.

In addition, Vernon warned on Thursday that the use of a third imprisonment would become an “absolute necessity” in the event of a “significant” increase in contamination with the English version of the coronovirus.

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