The United States may soon leave winter time

Have Americans turned down their clocks for the last time? The Senate on Tuesday unanimously voted to leave winter time permanent and make summer time permanent.

“Changing the clock is an old concept, one that causes frustration and confusion. It’s just stupid, there’s no other way to say it,” argued Senator Marco Rubio, author of the law project.

In Hemicycle on Tuesday, Florida’s elected official modeled a direct causal link between timing changes and an increase in “heart attacks and car accidents.”

Daylight saving time “literally darkens our lives,” said state senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island on the East Coast, where — with daylight saving time — the night falls around 4:15 p.m.

With daylight saving time, the sun rises… and sets later.

However, the fate of this bill is uncertain: to enter into force, it now has to be passed in the House and signed into law by Joe Biden – who has the power to veto it. The President has not yet conveyed his position on this file.

The main idea behind the time change was originally to combine hours of activity with hours of sunshine to limit the use of artificial lighting.

But its opponents condemn the negative effects on biological rhythms, especially in children.

On the other side of the Atlantic, winter-time abandonment is also in the pipeline: the European Commission proposed to end it in September 2018… in 2019. But the European Parliament voted in March 2019 to postpone it until 2021. Then, the Covid-19 crisis is over, and the file is pending.

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