The United Kingdom vaccinates in theaters and churches

In the United Kingdom, injections of the vaccine against Kovid-19 take place in the cathedral, for the sound of the organ, in supermarkets, very close to shelves or in theaters between ticket machines and pop corn stands. The government is dependent on these large vaccination centers to carry out its campaign. But some are unexpected, such as the one set up at the London Cricket Stadium from mid-January. In the reception, a dose of champagne glasses is taken. “This is exactly what we were looking for, a place with good ventilation and easy access to people“, Explains Dr. Saul Kauffman, the in-charge of the center.

For the physician, mass immunization centers make it easier to deliver doses to one location, making it more rapid to record and manage vaccines. Patients can make an appointment at a welcoming place near their home. Authorities have speculated: From DIY stores to racetracks, including nightclubs, these private structures are often approached prior to delivery of vaccines to organize themselves.


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