The United Kingdom took off the mask this Thursday

This Thursday, the United Kingdom signaled the end of health restrictions lifted to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s all the new stuff to know.

This Thursday marks the end of restrictions on the other side of the channel. If the United Kingdom is not spared from the COVID-19 pandemic, Boris Johnson’s government has for several months abandoned all measures it has already adopted as the mildest in Europe.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new rules in the UK.

• Return to Business

Just last week, the British government dropped the recommendation to work from home for all Britons who could.

• Abandonment of mandatory indoor masks

So starting today, Her Majesty’s subjects will be able to wear their masks indoors in public places.

“I think customers will be relieved. They’ll probably wear it before, but the advantage is that we don’t have to force them now. It’ll be easier for them to come by,” says Joshua Binks, assistant manager of a thrift store in London.

Masks will no longer be needed in schools. However, in London, Mayor Sadiq Khan said he was opposed to the abandonment of masks in public transport, which would therefore remain mandatory.

• Expiry of Health Pass

At the entrance of events with large audiences, such as nightclubs, the British would no longer be required to present health passes.

• Removal of mandatory segregation soon?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also called for an end to the mandatory isolation of Covid-19 positive cases from March 24.

“As COVID-19 becomes endemic, we must replace legal obligations with advice and recommendations,” Boris Johnson told lawmakers last week.

The lifting of restrictions has worried some scientists, while around 100,000 new contaminations are still counted every day in the United Kingdom.

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