“The United Kingdom, sovereignly in solitude, has less influence today than in forums such as the G20 or G7”

Chronic. “Global Britain” score points. Post-Brexit the UK is teaching a lesson to the rest of Europe. Boris Johnson’s conservative government is well on its way to successfully completing the vaccine phase in the fight against Kovid-19. Inevitable Image In Action – Better Inside Or Better Outside? – After the British left from the European Union (EU), London produced a set. Even if Wimbledon (28 June – July 11) should be kept in empty bleachers.

Under the cumulative shock of Brexit and the epidemic, economic and social status is difficult. National wealth contraction of around 10% in 2020, the loss of export markets, the situation in London and the deterioration of the declining border bureaucracy: Brexit is nothing like it “Release” Promised by her thurifarians. But Johnson, it is fair to say, could argue that the Oxford – AstraZeneca combination produced a vaccine. In the United Kingdom, the university-private company relationship is celebrated – often not maligned, even in France. More than 20 million Britons have already been vaccinated: we will avoid comparison.

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This does not lead us to catastrophic crisis management and some 120,000 deaths. But this fight against Kovid-19 is the first exercise of pride and loneliness on the international scene. After forty-seven years living with other Europeans, the British are finally “alone” in the days of the Empire. Among the components of the Brexit vote were, in fact, indifference to the greatness of the past, the cult of a lost British extravagance and the discovery of a unique role around the wider world, among other inspirations.

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How to maintain “global” impact?

“Global Britain”: does this mean that Britain alone in foreign policy? The question is at the heart of two recently published books that examine the underlying objectives of Brexit. The former French ambassador to the United Kingdom, Sylvie Berman, tells the story of a political adventure in which lies, especially Boris Johnson and the illusion lead – Bye Britannia. Britain challenges Brexit (Stock, 254 p., € 19.50). Featured commentator financial Times, Philip Stephens has resurrected the stages of an identity crisis that has always resumed – Britain alone. The path from Suez to Brexit (Faber, 480 p., £ 25 is not taught).

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