The United Kingdom passes the milestone of 100,000 dead from Kovid.

The United Kingdom on Tuesday became the first European country to cross the threshold of 100,000 deaths from Kovid-19, with the government deploying all its efforts in vaccination to get out of the health crisis exacerbated by the version seen on its soil.

Since Prime Minister Boris Johnson claimed to join hands with the sick at the hospital in early March, at this time, the country has become limited again, in a third wave of epidemics, a variant considered too much Is more viral due to. Contagious and possibly more deadly.

According to the Health Ministry’s daily report, 1,631 additional deaths were recorded within 28 days of the positive test on Tuesday, causing a total of 100,162 deaths.

Elsewhere in the world, perhaps the latter is underestimated: the death toll of Kovid-19 is mentioned on the death certificate as a suspected cause listed by official bodies, more than 104,000 in mid-January. Was.

“It is difficult to express the grief inherent in this gloomy statistic, years of life lost, missed family reunions, and for many, missed opportunities to say goodbye to a loved one”, a response from the head of government during a press Conference expressed.

After the crisis management failures and repeated reversals, he said, “As Prime Minister, I am deeply saddened to take full responsibility for every lost life and everything the government has done.”

If the number of contaminants, which is closer to 3.7 million (+20,089 in 24 hours), has started to thank for the new control, “mortality will only begin to decrease gradually over the next two weeks and Probably for one will remain stable. Whereas, ”said England Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty. “Additional deaths will be added to this sad total”.

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The first death was announced on March 5, 2020. Shortly afterwards, health officials estimated that if the number of deaths could be less than the 20,000 mark, it would be a “good result”.

On January 20, the counter continues, with a record of 1,820 dead in 24 hours.

From the beginning, conservative Boris Johnson has been accused of underestimating the scale of the crisis, being too late and too early and too hard to define during the summer, ignoring the advice of scientists.

Initially criticized for inadequate screening and lack of protective equipment for caregivers, then for a very expensive system for failed contact cases, officials are now focusing all their efforts on vaccination.

– “Vaccine Nationalism” –

Kovid-19: 100,000 dead in the United Kingdom (AFP -)

Britain was the first Western country to approve the vaccine in early December. Facing a dramatic worsening of the health crisis since then, authorities have postponed injections of the second dose for 12 weeks to mobilize campaigns and mobilize tens of thousands of volunteers, even immunization centers To change churches and mosques.

The goal is to give the first dose of the vaccine to 15 million people aged over 70 by mid-February and consider restructuring and reopening of schools.

More than 6.8 million people have already received a single dose since the campaign began in early December, but concerns have been mounting over delays in Europe announced by laboratories Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

Boris Johnson (c) raged from a press conference (POOL / AFP - JININ TALLIS) in London on 26 January 2021 by Public Health System (NHS) boss Simon Stevens (d) and England Chief Medical Officer Chris Whittie (l) .

Boris Johnson (c) raged from a press conference (POOL / AFP – JININ TALLIS) in London on 26 January 2021 by Public Health System (NHS) boss Simon Stevens (d) and England Chief Medical Officer Chris Whittie (l) .
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The government assured that its program would not be affected by the situation that has prompted non-EU brands to risk export control of manufactured products on their territory. This may include the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, given from Belgium to the UK.

“Vaccination nationalism is not the right way to proceed,” the British Secretary of State said for vaccination Nadim Zahavi.

To protect itself from the arrival of new potentially resistant variants, the government has decided to tighten its limits, now requiring negative tests and a 10-day quarantine on all arrivals from abroad. It should take a quick decision on the possibility of checking passengers in hotels during their quarantine.

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