The United Kingdom and France are on the move again

Shakespeare’s historical plays are still alive to the British; Boris Johnson worked for many years on a book about Shakespeare. In “Henry V”, the French are depicted as kittens and idiots, and as “cowardly scoundrels” who kill children in English camps.

Joan of Arc – who inspired the French to reclaim her country from the British after Henry V captured her and married a French princess – still burns in the French imagination.

There is mutual contempt in their language. hyphen In English it means to move roughly without saying anything.

But in terms of relationships across the channel, things are at a very low level right now. submarine was Corruption And a bad territorial fishing conflict with the French was captured on a British tugboat. The Brexit divorce is still raging, making it hard for the two small nations to ever project power beyond their means, which is Shakespeare’s favorite word in history.

They look at each other and see the ghosts of the Empire.

Britain’s exit from Europe has destabilized no country other than France. Most of the trade between England and France takes place across the Channel. e.t.c, the French took it very personally.

français Show The failure of the British withdrawal from the European Union has scared other countries that are considering leaving. He wants to show Britain that he can win. There was a tussle between Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron. Johnson thinks Macron is a tweet, and Macron thinks Johnson may be funny, but he is one big fat fiber.

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When Johnson was here in September, the misunderstanding didn’t help, and he said the French were paying too much attention to the subsoil, calling him “flu prone” to “give me a break.” He also trolled French food at the Australian Embassy with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

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