The ultra-media “Vagatha Christie” case, a mirror of the modern United Kingdom

“If they weren’t so lucky, a story like this would have been set by a drunken little fight outside the pub.” newspaper comment Sun In short, the proportions taken by the affair, with a touch of sarcasm and a good dose of mock outrage “Vagatha Christie”, in London. In the red corner is Coleen Rooney, wife of former Manchester United Red Devils star striker Wayne Rooney. Opposite, In Blue: Rebekah Vardy, married to Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy. from them “wags” (abbreviation wives and girlfriends), in open warfare, women and teammates of football players across the channel are nicknamed. And rich enough to fight seven rounds of battle in the High Court of London from 10-19 May. The tabloids set out to chronicle the slightest punchline about the two women’s personal lives, to the press’s delight.

The start of this incredible episode, worthy of a thriller 2.0: the conclusion of an investigation led by apprentice detective Colleen Rooney Self, in October 2019. At the time, the 33-year-old suspected one of his followers of leaking information posted on his personal Instagram account. recipient of these “indiscretion” : Newspaper SunAbsolutely. “For several months, she writes made-up posts, restricts access to these posts on her account, and waits to see what information Sun includes, explain it BBC, And of course they are. , Enraged, betrayed, Colleen Rooney penned a murderous message on Twitter, revealing the name of the perpetrator: “I slowly blocked everyone from my Instagram stories except one account […], And that is………. D

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