The UK pushed to explore Brazilian variant carriers as experts warned of the danger of a Kovid lockdown roadmap


The hunt for an unknown carrier of a new Brazilian mutation of the Kovid-19 has intensified as scientists warn that if it catches up, it could pull the roadmap out of lockdown.

“There is always a risk we have to return,” said epidemiologist Professor Graham Medley, one of the scientists in the Sage Group who advises the government.

Questions have been raised as to how the Brazilian city version was identified in the Kovid-19 trial from a man who failed to complete the registration form with his name and contact details.

In a series of interviews, Immunization Minister Nadim Zahavi admitted that the government does not know who the carrier is, where he lives, whether the carrier has traveled to Brazil, or self-segregation or possibly spills Virus.

He appealed to all those who took a test at home around 12 or 13 February and did not get the result of dialing 119 immediately.

Growth in coronavirus under test: in pictures

“If this variant were to spread to the community, the real concern is … if this variant is more resistant to vaccines than other variants, it could potentially increase the frequency as the vaccine is rolled out. ,” He said.

Shadow Labor Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds told The Standard, “The Home Secretary has some serious questions to answer, including: why there has been so much delay in replacing the limited quarantine system in hotels.

“They should also confirm what the risks of transmission have been assessed during travel, including indirect flights to the UK and later when passing through internal connecting flights and airports.”

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Other major events:

Test staff handed out kits to motorists attending the Surge Test Center at Science Park, Emerson Green, Bristol, on 9 February

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– Andrew Lloyd Webber has announced that rehearsals for his upcoming musical Cinderella have begun following the government’s roadmap announcement last week.

– Chancellor Sage Craze has been warned that the economic impact of foreclosure on women is “unseen”. More than 60 female MPs and business leaders are calling on the Chancellor to reduce VAT for hair and beauty salons and extend holidays at commercial rates until the end of the epidemic.

Coronavirus vaccine numbers: UK reaches 20 million vaccinations

-House Secretary Preeti Patel is expected to announce life imprisonment for smugglers in an attempt to sabotage at the channel crossing.

– The first jabs under the UK-supported Kovacs initiative for developing countries were to take place in Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa. Some 504,000 doses of the Oxford vaccine were ready.

Professor Medley told BBC Radio 4’s Today program, with the first step in the roadmap to restart the epidemic in just one week: ‘It is a worrying form, but we are going to face these problems. Problems will increase in the next six months. There will be challenges along the way – towards easing measures – and there is always a risk that we have to step down, and nobody wants to do something that is open and close again.

Coronavirus testing is given to residents of Bronley Green, Hampshire, during the Surge Testing Program after a case in the village of Kovid-19, South Africa, was identified.

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“We have not found it as someone who does not have travel history or travel contact yet, so this is good news,” he said.

Pro Medley said a “major challenge” could be the emergence of deep regional shifts in transition levels, which would strain Boris Johnson’s decision to choose a national strategy rather than return to the regional level.

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Expert Professor Danny Altman of Imperial College told Times Radio that there should be a level of concern: “a little worried but not a total panic.”

“I will tell you that we have very strict border controls.”

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