The UK has launched its own dating app to compete with Tinder and Hinge on Facebook.

Facebook has launched its own dating feature to compete with existing apps like Tinder.

Facebook From Wednesday, dating for users in the UK and Europe will appear on the social network’s mobile app and website.

This will allow people to explore potential romantic relationships with users who are interested in the same groups and events.

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The in-app feature is already available in the United States and 19 other countries

Data can be shared on Facebook Instagram The stories in their profiles match a good idea of ​​who they are and how they live their lives for potential matches, a spokesman said.

A “secret crash” feature enables users to choose the current Facebook and Instagram friends they want to date – but only if both parties agree – otherwise the selection will remain anonymous.

Photo: Facebook
It has a ‘Secret Crush’ feature. Photo: Facebook

A couple can start instant messaging chats if they match, like a dating dating app.

But as a result Coronavirus Epidemic, Facebook has also included a video chat feature, if people are given the option of a “virtual date” if the restrictions mean they can’t be seen in person.

Photo: Facebook
Sharing interests, groups, and events will help bring dates together. Photo: Facebook

Privacy settings will allow data users to hide their titles and report and report inappropriate users and content, the social network added.

Facebook dating is already available in 20 countries, including the United States and Thailand – where 1.5 million people have matched the feature.

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