The tweets are annoying because Kim Kardashian is posting ‘left senseless powerless’ husband Kanye West

The tweets are annoying because Kim Kardashian is posting ‘left senseless powerless’ husband Kanye West

Kim Kardashian’s friends say she is feeling “powerless” during her husband Kanye West’s latest Twitter storm.

The married couple is said to have discussed the crisis over her controversial presidential rally and the comments she made afterwards.

Kanye said he and Kim thought of aborting their daughter North, compared his mother Chris Jenner to Kim Jong-un, said he had been trying to divorce Kim for years, and made many more controversial statements.

Kim, 39, is stuck next to her husband and talks about determining her bipolarity in a powerful statement.

It was thought that they were fixing things and Kanye was getting better, but for the last two days he has been making the fans think again.

The rapper tweeted screenshots of each page of his recording deal and shared a video of himself urinating at the Grammy Awards.

Kim is said to be feeling powerless

On Wednesday, Twitter took the unusual step of barring Kanye from using his account, but he returned by posting “HA HA I GOT MY TWITTER BACK” on Friday.

And while all this is going on, insiders say Kim felt like she could do nothing.

A source told the man: “It’s the same thing over and over again. He’s on a very thin ice with him right now, and he’s trying to decide not only what he needs to do to protect the kids, but also his own discretion. The whole thing is frustrating and difficult for him.” .

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He is standing next to Kanye

“Kim had zero clues that he was going to tweet anything. That’s nothing. And he looked at the tweets and said, ‘Seriously? Again?’

“He wants to be a collaborating partner. He’s doing everything he can to support her. But he has to support himself. He has to take care of his own health. He can’t force her to take medicine. He can’t make it.” . ” He doesn’t want to do anything he wants to do. “

Talking about the diagnosis of bipolar disorder in Kim’s ear in July, he said that medication was “really no substitute” for him because it changed who he was.

Now she just wants her kids to be happy and she is stable

The insider added that Kim was “not caring” about winning the presidency and that he wanted his four children to be happy and their father to be “stable.”

The Mirror contacted Kim’s representatives to comment online.

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