“The third wave is accelerating, spreading faster and hitting harder” (WHO)

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in Africa. During’a press briefing, This Thursday, June 24, the United Nations agency indicated that the continent has already recorded nearly 474,000 new cases, up from 48. is onI The day of the new wave of the pandemic.

Coronavirus cases are increasing in Africa. As of June 20, the continent has about 474,000 new cases. Statistics that concern the World Health Organization (WHO). “The third wave is gaining momentum, spreading rapidly and hitting hard. This is extremely worrying. With the rapid increase in the number of cases and the spread of serious case reports, the latest wave threatens to be the worst wave ever seen in Africa,” the report said. Dre Matshidiso Moeti, Director of the Africa Branch of WHO.

According to the WHO, there are now more than 5.3 million cases of Covid-19 in the continent, and 138,000 people have lost their lives. The Indian variant delta has been reported in 14 countries including the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda. When it comes to mortality, the WHO notes that South Africa (with 937 new deaths, an increase of 29%), is followed by Zambia (230 new deaths; an increase of 271%) and El Uganda (203 new deaths). deaths, increase). 314%).

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for dre matshidiso, “Africa can still cushion the impact of these rising infections, but time is running out. Everyone, everywhere, takes precautions to prevent transmission (…) to protect the most vulnerable categories quickly. COVID-19 cases have exceeded the number of vaccinated, exposing more and more people dangerously”.

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Note that the communication from the Director of the Africa Branch of the World Health Organization (WHO) comes after the announcement of a third wave of coronavirus cases in Africa on May 3.

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