The technical opportunities facing the post-Covid UK

W.e Heard from Matt Hancock, Secretary of Health and Social Care, who talks about how data and technology will transform healthcare in the coming decades. “There’s no going back to the old way of doing things,” he said.

Matt Britin, head of Google’s EMEA, told us that Covid has accelerated connectivity trends, but still, not everyone has access to the tools they need. He called for more partnerships between the agency and the government.

The morning panel discussed how start-ups and entrepreneurs adapted to the epidemic, with talent investor Alice Bentinck first noting that she saw a 36 percent increase in women’s applications.

In the second panel of the day, Ali Parsa of Babylon Health on rewriting healthcare in the post-Covid world said the emphasis now is on a more pragmatic approach; How to predict them before health problems occur.

Okador City CEO Paul Clark shared some details about the company’s robotic bag packers and said that machine learning and artificial intelligence are crucial for the delivery of groceries across the UK.

In the afternoon at the FinTech panel, Oknorth co-founder Shi Khosla envisioned a future banking system where on-duty individuals and Fintech start-ups work together.

In his concluding keynote address, Sir Nigel Shadbolt of the Open Data Institute talks about how free information can be the “driving force” in public emergencies.

And finally, at the Nokia Roundtable on Empowerment City Resilience, panelists discussed how to increase connectivity across the UK, including rural areas.

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