The teacher was accused of “having sex more than 100 times” with male students in the classroom

Wednesday 23/12/2020 11:31 AM (GMT + 7)

Male student Ryan Crew accused Spanish teacher Kate Boozer of “inappropriate” exposure to sex.

Spanish teacher Kate Boozer.

As a result, the female teacher had sex with a 16-year-old male student more than 100 times, according to the Daily Star.

The incident occurred when a 28-year-old female teacher and a male student attended Lake Orion High School in Michigan, USA in 2014.

The male student told Fox 2 Detroit that the female teacher “inappropriately contacted” him a day after school. Ms. Boozer also buys gifts for a male student and has sex with this male student in class.

The male student said, “There was no way to see the teacher sticking papers, covering classroom windows, even the smallest intervals.”

The male student then had to cancel his Spanish course. When she met the male student’s mother, the teacher cried “at least twice”.

America: Teacher with male students in class

Male students have psychological problems after a relationship with a teacher.

Male students evidence 167 minutes of phone calls with the teacher, many in the middle of the night.

Lake Orion High School informed Fox 2 Detroit that the school is actively cooperating with the Oakland Police Department on the matter. “Teacher no longer works in school since 2016”.

Oakland County Deputy Sheriff Mike McCabe said: “We do not know why the school did not inform police of what had happened. Five years later, the family of the new male student presented evidence to police.

The Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office reviewed the case in 2019, but did not prosecute the teacher.

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While studying at Michigan State University, male students show signs of depression, so their friends inform the family of the male student to address it. According to the Daily Star, this male student has now returned to his normal path and seeks justice.

Boozer’s lawyer said: “Oakland County Police has investigated the case, but my client has not been prosecuted. Then the investigation is over”.

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