The Strange Adventure of Matawalu

A player with an unusual career, the USM winger has had a special season. Recruited during the season as a scrum half, he is now indispensable on the wing.

Lately, we’ve only been talking about him! Niko Matavalu is definitely one of the sensations of this end of the season in Pro D2. Montauban’s Fijian winger has made five attempts after a successful run in his last six matches. It’s a little surprising when you know they have nothing in common with their careers. Immediately recruited as a medical clown to compensate for the absence of Anthony Merrick and Nick Stirzker, Matavalu was previously expected as No. But with a good first City performance, he was finally converted to the wing, where his speed and elimination qualities were invaluable. “A lot of players ask me what position I like to play, but I don’t care.Launched East Glasgow. I played scrum, wing and sometimes fullback for ten years… so I don’t see any difference now.”

A replacement is more welcome this season, as Sapiak had several absences from the position. Le Gall, Salles, Sej and most recently Ahmed were all injured, making Matavalu unavoidable. The return as a tight walker during the final sprint also coincides with the arrival of one of his compatriots: Bam Joshua Vicki. He said, “When he was young, he saw me play a lot so it was an honor for him to play with me. But it is important for me to play with a player like him.Matavalu described. When Fijians are together, they know how to play. they know each other, that’s it “Fiji Connection” , Between them, he would have changed the face of Montalbán in any case, adopting the game played by Green and Black. “I think the experience I’ve gained throughout my career has helped me a lot”Recognized the native of Suva.

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enjoying the end of his career

It is true that Niko Matavalu has come a long way. The Fijian international quickly crossed the globe to join Scotland and become a crusader in Glasgow. He spent nearly eight years in the United Kingdom passing through Bath, which allowed him to discover an entirely different sport and become the rugby player he is today. “Probably the one with the biggest CV in the locker room”We were tipped off to one of the Montalban coaches. “When I came back to Glasgow after my time in Bath, I had several offers in France but my niece asked me to stay. But when I got my citizenship in the UK, I told myself I wanted to try France. going to do it”, said Fiji, who celebrated his 33rd birthday in March. So was Montauban the last challenge of an already busy career? not enough. “I had plans to leave after this season. But my niece told me she didn’t want to, because I was going to miss rugby. And then when I came here it was like I was 21 again . I could play another seven years easily! I don’t want to retire anymore.” Although he probably won’t be retained at the end of the season, Matavalu intends to take advantage of his final years as a rugby player to discover new things, in the style of globetrotting he loves. “Before he died, my father told me: “Wherever you go to play, you have to enjoy everything.” So now I am enjoying it. It has become my leitmotif.”

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