The story behind Bernie Sanders is publicity

These gloves were worn by Bernie Sanders when Joe Biden was inaugurated, and he spewed the next wave of Bernie memes. (Picture: REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst / Pool)

Bernie Sanders’ glove memes are flooding the internet right now. But there is a poignant story behind woolen propaganda.

Bernie Sanders would not have been sworn in for the post of US President on Wednesday, but he was the secret star of the inauguration nonetheless. This was mainly due to his famous woolen gloves. The picture of Sanders with gloves crossed in his lap is currently trending in all perceptible variations on social media. There is hardly any scene in world history or pop culture that has yet to include the somewhat grumpy-looking Sanders.

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Origin of gloves

In fact, this is not the first appearance of the patented Sanders look. A less festive parka, he celebrated the historic festival, became a popular meme in 2019. At the time, Sanders contrasted his fashion choices CBS-News: “In Vermont, we know about the cold. And we don’t care much about fashionable fashion. We just want to be warm. “It reveals parka and gloves on the Draguti platform in front of the Capitol, where the inauguration took place. But many are now asking: Where did Bernie get these gloves?

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“Grumpy Chic”: Sanders’ outfit goes viral

The trail leads to Jane Ellis, an elementary school teacher in Vermont, Sanders’ home state. Alice is a fond Bernie fan and loves gloves. About a year ago he and a friend started making gloves from old wool sweaters and recycled wool from pet bottles. They said that it takes about an hour for each pair Seattle times. It never became the real deal, but both gave gloves to friends and acquaintances.

Just a crazy idea at first

It is logical that Ellis once came to be his favorite politician. “I thought I’d like him to make a pair of gloves,” she said Seattle Times. He also remembers that he thought the idea itself was crazy: “I don’t know the man yet.” But I wanted to do it for him so I did it. “

From then on, the gloves made an unimaginable journey. Not only did they reach the senator, they actually wore them. And during a campaign appearance at the University of Pittsburgh, he loaned his negotiator Alexandria Cutler in a typical Bernie gesture when he mentioned that his hands were cold. The photo went viral, shortly after “Bernie’s Mittens” was also Own twitter account.

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Ellis was delighted and another ten pair of gloves were sent to the Sanders team. At the inauguration, your creations now had the next major appearance. “I feel very honored that she is wearing it today,” she said. Seattle times. “At the inauguration, people wore clothes from world-renowned designers. And then there was Bernie wearing my gloves. The glove manufacturer still had a few copies in stock, but they sold out very quickly after the inauguration.

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annual Review: Politics in memes 2020

The hype of gloves is endless, and new memes are still popping up under the hashtag #berniesmittens. Now there are also weaving instructions for the soils. And fans keep asking Alice if she still has gloves to sell. In a recent tweet, the teacher referred to her partner, who may still have a pair of gloves so as not to deprive Bernie of Asha’s followers for the right look for 2021.

VIDEO: Sander’s Mittens Stole The Show From Joe Biden

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