The state called Biden after the delay

Why was the result delayed?

Like many states in the United States, voting has been severely hampered by the coronavirus epidemic.

In Nevada, counties are counting millions of postal votes in an unprecedented wave of remote voting.

State election officials have already counted the first votes of all November, personally voting on election day and matching ballots until November 2.

Mail ballots received on election day and ballots received the following week cannot be counted yet.

… and the Trump campaign has launched a legal challenge

The Nevada Secretary of State’s office initially said the results of a new batch would be released Thursday morning, but Donald Trump’s campaign is starting a legal challenge in Nevada to claim that the mail-in ballot has been run.

They complained that found in the ballot box, people received 18 ballots in their home and they were not able to observe the signatures.

The campaign alleges that invalid votes are being counted in Clark County, Nevada, although they have not publicly presented evidence.

During the press conference, a local resident said he had voted to let someone know he had already cast his vote.

The Trump campaign has recently filed lawsuits in the battlefield states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Nevada, all of which were critical to Mr. Biden’s victory.

Most of these have been fired, but the Trump campaign has vowed to file more lawsuits next week.

Who was expected to win Nevada?

Mr. Biden was briefly advised to lead Nevada to victory and is expected to benefit by a postal vote.

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However, Nevada had only a slim victory for Democrats in 2016, and Mr. Trump’s campaign continued to work hard in the state to make it red again.

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