The spread of the virus is still active after two weeks of imprisonment

Yes, Nouvelle-Aquitaine has a low incidence rate with 197.6 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, but after two weeks of imprisonment, epidemiologists from Public Health France are confident that this Friday, April 16, is not to be trusted. “The decrease in the incidence rate does not reflect the current dynamics of the epidemic” He writes in his weekly newspaper. the explanation: “The rate of this event includes Easter Monday, with a sharp decrease in screening activity on this public holiday, which has closed schools since April 2, resulting in the widespread screening of campaigns conducted at these establishments . ”

Find out the latest figures by the department (sometimes more than those presented by Public Health France in their epidemiological update) and their development in the infographic at the end of the article.

One incidence rate is still very variable according to departments

Incidence rate varies from department to department. Goes by 91.5 per 100,000 inhabitants in the Pyramids-Atlantic 298.6 per 100,000 inhabitants in Haute-Vienne. For the week of April 5 to 11, the incidence rate is down to six departments: Charent (- 21%), Corregs (-20%), Dordogne (- 26%), Gironde (- 21%), Lot-Geron ( – 12%) and Perennius-Atlantic (- 18%). It grows in Creuse (+ 29%). It is relatively stable in other departments. And test rates are falling everywhere because positivity rates are increasing.

65% of the hospitalized patients are over 70 years of age.

As of 14 April 2021, 1,336 people had been hospitalized for Kovid-19 in New Aquitaine, including 263 in intensive care or intensive care (against 1,258 and 255, respectively, the previous week). After the shortfall in early February, Bed occupancy increases for Kovid-19 (excluding transfers) at Novel-Aquitaine. Among hospitalized patients, approximately 65% ​​are over 70 years of age. More than one-third of patients (33.5%) are hospitalized in Gironde.

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3,177 deaths “with mention of Kovid-19”

While France has surpassed the symbolic milestone of 100,000 deaths since the onset of the epidemic, Sainte Public France listed on April 13, in Novel-Aquitaine. 3,177 deaths with mention of Kovid-19. (Via electronic death certificate). Of the patients who died, the majority (82%) were 75 years of age or older, and 59% had at least one known comradity document in their death certificate. With Kovid’s death cited as having at least one documented comorbidity, 35% were associated with cardiac pathology, 17% associated with arterial hypertension and 13% with diabetes or a respiratory deformity.

“Inequalities” in vaccination coverage

In the context of vaccination, Novell-Aquitaine is an area “Where vaccination coverage resides the most” of France. By 13 April, 19.8% of the population received at least one dose to vaccinate. The majority of those receiving the vaccination received Pfizer. said that, “Within the area” Notes public health france, “The departmental disparity in vaccine coverage varies from 18% in Lot-A-Geron and Gironde with coverage of at least 1 dose to 22.6% in the cross.”

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