The Spanish neet in the Frontex justified the “political and diplomatic” nature of the crisis with Rabato

Fabrice Legeri, Executive Director of Frontex, European Border and Coast Guard Agency. EPA

Madrid refused assistance to the Frontex, stating that the crisis with Morocco was not migratory in nature, while the European Border and Coast Guard Agency’s executive director offered to intervene immediately.

Hours before the events in Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency’s executive director Ceuta (Sebata), a long trip to Spain ended, during which he met Minister Fernando Grande-Marlasca and the Director General of the National Police and the Civil Guard, L. Mundo’s report. “As soon as he saw what was happening on the border, Fabrice Legeri wrote to Madrid to offer his help, his agents and his team to manage thousands of irregular entries, but the government said no”, Explains the same source that interviewed the French leader of the Frontex.

Madrid refused Frontex aid, arguing that there was a crisis with Morocco “Political and diplomatic” And not migrant, says Legari. Frontex’s boss position is in stark contrast to the appreciation of Morocco’s role in recent years. In 2017, he claimed that “Morocco is a leading and long-term partner of the Frontex, highly appreciative of its efforts in the fight against terrorism and illegal immigration. Cooperation with Morocco, a stable country, is of utmost importance as the Western Mediterranean paved the eastern and central Mediterranean Sea. Have not experienced the same kind of crises.

“Morocco, an important and strategic partner for the European Union, is making considerable efforts to ensure border stability and the fight against irregular migration. We work daily by Morocco and its various operational services to ensure border control and stability guarantee. Salutes the significant efforts deployed at the base. Morocco plays a very important regional role in the region. The Kingdom will host the African Migration and Development Observatory, a tangible proof of the region’s very important responsibilities on the continent. . Lagerie claimed again in 2019.

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Mired in the Moroccan-Spanish crisis, the European Union wanted to take advantage of the opportunity for the influx of migrants into Ceuta (Cebta) to revise their migration agreements and implement their own system deployed on the western Mediterranean front, particularly at sea. . Aegean. Madrid, which opposed a clear policy to the proposal, called for the risk of loss of sovereignty, but all requested a solidarity of 27 compared to Rabat.

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