The SpaceX crew dragon is Rumiar, but has a longer hard G force than the Russian Suez.

Mrs. Gwen Shotwell, President and Chief Operating Officer of SpaceX, conducted a brief Q&A session with Michael Hopkins, an astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS), and Shannon Walker on Expedition 644. Glover and Walker traveled to the ISS last month as part of a NASA Crew-1 mission, the SpaceX Crew Dragon, which officially resumed flying from American soil to the station.

As part of their session, the pair shared their experience in the dragon and how it differed from the Russian Soyuz spacecraft – how NASA provided more details than its flight before (and still uses) its crew in low-Earth orbit. Leo) In ISS on these differences include the overall amount of dragons and the forces that astronauts experience during their emergence.

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SpaceX spacesuits for the crew dragon feel more comfortable when the astronaut explains sitting down

In addition to the differences between the Dragon and the Suez, the questions that Mrs. Shatwell asked the astronauts Hopkins and Walker were covered by the SpaceX spacesuits, their feelings before the lift, and what features they might like about the future spacecraft. Since the answers about the difference between Crew Dragon and Suez are the subject of this piece, we started with them. Some of the remaining questions are appropriate, some are omitted.

Shotwell:Nice to hear that [In response to the answer regarding the spacesuits]. And there is a very good response so I appreciate it. Well, Colin Gibbons, the top reliability engineer in software development, is asking, what was each of the crew, well each of you, the biggest effects of the experiences and sensations associated with the Falcon 9 or is this question actually asked a lot. So what does it feel like to ride a dragon on top of an animal called Falcon 9? ”

Hopkins: “Yeah wow. I don’t understand how the words really describe it. You were sitting on the dragon on the beat talking and it must have been. You knew you were going somewhere. Actually, it all started before we were fueling. Was operating and it was always talking to you. It’s very interesting to hear all the sounds starting from the fuel. But then once we removed the pad, the guy was excited. It was an incredibly incredible journey. The throttle when it came back, boy, You felt it, you knew you were going somewhere The stage was incredible, we were all just laughing and sighing and high-flying [laughs] It was a wonderful experience. “

Walker: “And I’ll add to that what he said and only the G you get. And it’s a completely different experience compared to the Suez. In the Suez you leave about four and a half GS and GS. And you’re going to reach three stages. In the two steps of Falcon, you are only increasing your G load all the time. So as soon as the first stage engine is over, you are about 3.3 GS, in the second stage you are about to go up to about four and a half, but you are three and a half to four GS It’s too long to cut, so it feels like you [presses face] Your face is being pushed back. “

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Shotwell: “Well, you got a good look, we were a few inches away from your computer monitor watching you And and we all appreciated the high fifties Ok Okay, Yen Taher a question [?] K is a PCB designer in the Avionics Core Engineering team. What’s the main difference between this, well it’s unnecessary now, sorry. What is the main difference between Soyuz and Crew Dragon Run in ISS? We’ve heard a bit about G-loading but is there any other element about the difference? “

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Hopkins: “Yeah you know it’s interesting. This is my second plane, so I want to say that one of the big differences is probably I was more aware of everything than the first flight … everything on the second flight. There were things that happened to me that were at least faster in the first.” I was able to hold things and feel things and be aware of things I was probably a little better on this flight then I was on the other And of course, when the other difference for me was talking about going to all the stations, you know my Soyuz flight was only six hours. And it was a bit long. So we actually had to survive in the dragon for quite a while and I had to say it was pretty comfortable, I was very happy with how it worked on your terms when we needed our privacy, we went to the station. We got what we needed to do in 27 hours and we were able to do it. “

Walker: “I would agree. It’s a bit wider than a Soyuz. My trip to Soyuz station was two days, so it was a little better in a day. But you have some more places to go so the kite is special.”

The rest of the questions are in the order asked.

Inside the SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule are NASA astronauts Shannon Walker, Victor Glover, Michael Hopkins (left to right) and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JACA) astronaut Sochi Noguchi (far right). Hopkins was in command for the Crew-1 mission and Glover was the pilot of the Crew Dragon. Image: SpaceX

Shotwell: “Okay. So the first question is Eric Ruez, who was a propulsion technician at Raptor Machining. And his question: What did you think when you crossed the crew access arm?”

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Hopkins: “So my initial thoughts didn’t trip [laughs]. One of the things you’re thinking about is do you know if this is really happening? Because the time you move away from when you started training is a long process. And so you know that we slipped some launches on the way and when you cross that arm you are still not sure if it will really happen because the launch has a lot of criteria that still need to be met in front of you .. ..then you lift the pad. So this is at least what I was thinking.

Walker: “And I was thinking about all of this and I was also thinking about the kind of historical nature of walking across the access arm in the White Room. My first launch was out of bikinor and now I’m out of Florida, so that’s where many of my fellow astronauts were able to turn.” Something really special. “

Shotwell: “Okay. Justin Owens, who was a CNC programmer, CNC computerized numerically controlled programmer in the machining department. Compare? ”

Walker: “Okay I think the first thing about the space suits is that they made you fit when you were sitting. So when you stand up, they are not tall enough and so they are. You will feel quite comfortable when you are sitting in the spacecraft. No. [To Glover, would you agree with that? Glover nods] And then I think one thing I found about the SpaceX spacesuits is that the helmet feels very heavy. This is to protect your head which is usually important, but I think it will get heavier if I land after six months. “

Hopkins: “Yeah I got the suite very comfortable. Chris Chris, Maria and the whole suite team shouted. I think they did a great job with it. I think it’s fairly easy to get it. It’s fairly easy to get into space. Came out and landed. So overall, I think that’s a great case. “

A spacesuit of the SpaceX of the Crew Dragon DM-2 mission at the company’s headquarters in 2019. SpaceX Headquarters, Image: NASA / Aubrey Gemigani

Shotwell: “Okay Great, I appreciate it. Okay, here’s McGregor, Texas Senior Test Development Engineer Mitch Cleland asking, which appliances, so it’s more future, what equipment will you include in the next cabin? Generation spacecraft? ”

Hopkins: “Yeah, that’s a great question. So when you’re talking about the long haul, to me it means we’re talking a little bit different than the dragon, which you must know for a short time. And so, you know we’re on the International Space Station. Talking about the long term is a subject that is a common thing, it is a daily type thing, but it is a subject that we can constantly find out about having or discovering ways to do it and and it is just a general hygiene and that kind of thing. We don’t have a dedicated place there

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“And so you know we’re kind of walking around with bags, or you’re trying to do storage operations and at the same time, someone is trying to clean up after a big workout and everything. So I’ll say here at least some general things are important to me, they never Sometimes it can be ignored but I think you have to spend some time ‘just like that’ and have a place dedicated to sanitation and when I say I’m not just going there to the bathroom, of course we need it but I’m talking about those places Guys where you can clean, wash your hair, do these kinds of things. “

Walker: “Yeah right. If you’re talking for a long time like traveling to Mars, you’ll definitely need a hygiene station. And you’ll need things like how to do laundry at the station. We don’t do laundry, we wear our clothes and after certain times. We throw them away. And if it’s really a long time, you have to find a way to deal with all the rubbish you have. And there’s a lot of rubbish created, not least your clothes, your food rubbish that will smell over time. , Just all sorts of things So so … Trash Compaction from Garbage Something will have to handle some trash sh [Glover laughs]”

SpaceX COO and President Guinness Shotwell in 2015. Eton Musk, CEO of Shotwell Company, is known for turning project deadlines into realistic goals and for SpaceX clients. Image: SpaceX

Shotwell: “It’s just as great a helper as we’re at Starship. That’s a great Ok Crew Dragon mission. So you might learn something new from Bob and Doug.” [DM-2 astronauts] Experience? “

Walker: “I think one of the things we learned and really cared about was living in a dragon and how you spent a whole day there since. You really have to have a lot of choreography and planned choreography to get your work out of your suite, In your suites you have to have food delivered for meals because it is more spacious than a soybean, it can get quite crowded when you have a lot of staff there so so manage your things, how you use it and how you treat the four of you. Deal “

Hopkins: “Yeah I think that’s exactly what Shannon said and I’ll probably say it in a slightly different way. I think you have to be intentional. Everything we’ve been doing since the breakup came out of the suite, and we’re eating our first meal and we have our Changing clothes, these all had to be very deliberate, who was dinging when.

“Because if we weren’t like that, it would be just a bunch … on the video cameras you would only see a bunch of arms and legs and it would be chaotic. And that’s because the whole time we’re ready for any kind of emergency. There must be something that may pop up. So it means that when you do certain things you clean up immediately. So I think there was a real emphasis on having four people on the board because you don’t think there’s enough space or just as you think. Unless something should pop up. “

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