The space station crew woke up to hunt for air leaks

The space station crew woke up to hunt for air leaks

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The astronauts woke up at night to continue searching for the plane leak on the International Space Station (ISS).

Crew members have been searching for the source for several weeks.

The search made progress as the size of the leak increased on Monday; This error occurred due to a temperature change driven by the ISS.

Analysis of the ground teams identified a leak in a key work area called Javedada of the Russian ISS module.

This module has life support equipment for the space station and a living quarters for two crew members.

For further analysis it is necessary to determine the specific region from which the air is escaping.

NASA stressed that it did not pose an immediate threat to the crew at the current leak rate and that it caused a slight deviation in the crew’s ongoing work schedule.

  • The astronauts who leaked to the space station t
  • Spacewalk astronauts investigate the hole

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NASA astronaut and former Navy SEAL Chris Cassidy leads search for leak above ISS

NASA astronauts and station commander Chris Cassidy and Russian space agency (Roscomos) astronauts Anatoly Evanshin and Ivan Wagner were instructed to go to the Russian department to collect data at various locations of Russian modules.

One by one, the crew Javadar closes the hatches between the off and forward sections while moving to other partitions and modules, while using an ultrasonic leak detector to collect data.

The crew had to isolate themselves for the third time in a month in an attempt to discover a growing leak.

Throughout the night, pressure measurements were analyzed to try to isolate the source of the leak. When the overnight check is completed, the crew resumes normal operations in the area between the US and Russian stations and opens the hatches.

This is not the first time ISS crew members have hanged themselves.

In August 2018, astronauts discovered a 2mm drill hole in part of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft that was docked at the space station at the time.

The hole with the nearby drill mark seemed to produce defects. Crew members left it with epoxy resin for the duration of docking the sausage to the space station.

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