The “sonic boom” was heard in the UK, probably caused by a meteorite with a “fireball during the day”.

The BBC reported on Sunday that a “boom of sound” heard in England on Saturday afternoon is known as an “extremely rare” type of meteorite, which was reported on Sunday.

The loud sound was reported in Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Jersey and was accompanied by photos and videos on social media of an object seen flying through the sky.

But after experts analyzed the images, determined that it was a meteor, aeronautical meteorology expert Simon Proud of Oxford University took to Twitter to confirm it. It showed images of meteors that flew over Great Britain and were captured by a weather satellite.

According to dr. Ashley King of the UK Fireball Alliance may have flown the meteor at supersonic speeds.

“It is usually a good sign to hear that you have rocks that have made it to the surface. It’s incredibly exciting and I’m a bit shocked, “he said, according to the BBC.

The BBC reported that the coalition has asked people in the area to report fragments of small black stones or pieces with deep dust.

The incident occurred prematurely by a massive asteroid named 2021 EQ3, which would fly closer to Earth than the Moon on Monday night, even though the 38-meter-wide asteroid poses no risk to anyone or anything on the planet or nearby satellites is.

Sara Chemla contributed to this report.

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